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Dragon Fly Nymph (Fuzzy Dragon)

Fuzzy Foam Dragon Fly Nymph~SwittersB

Fuzzy Foam Dragon Fly Nymph~SwittersB

Yesterday, I wrote about the Booby Fly and The Predator, both of which are fished on the bottom via a Type II-IV sinking line, which allows the flies to rise (because of the boobs or the foam) just above the bottom as it is inched along suspended. I originally tied the Fuzzy Dragon as a similar pattern, but the fuzzy foam back has not proven as effective in floating the fly off the bottom. May I just say, whatever. The fly has been an excellent searching pattern. I love the Kaufmann Dragon, but I rate this pattern right up there in productivity. A Fuzzy Dragon in brown or green is excellent.   


Woolly Bugger (Claret Is My Jinx Color) Can They Even See It??

Claret Bugger~Unrequieted Love, SwittersB

Claret Bugger~Unrequited Love, SwittersB

Woolly Buggers. A proven pattern in black, green, brown, yellow, and claret. Claret? Always a recommendation. Listen to a Chan. Listen to my accomplished stillwater friends. ‘What did you catch it on?’ “A maroon bugger’. Maroon, Burgundy, Claret no matter, the darn color does not work for me. I fish it like a bugger, not some bloodworm. Nothing. I always have a half dozen with me. Again, a proven color. Not for me.Why? Not sure. I have given it a fair try many times from B.C. to Oregon. Not one damn fish. Big, small, standard Bugger, or dubbed…the color fails me.  Can they see it? It moves and waves…it satisfies my impressionistic code. Impossible my friends say. You aren’t fishing it right. I fish it like I fish black, or green. Nada. Bizarre. It will remain in the box because sure as hell I will need it someday.   

Notice the above pattern for one detail, which no fish has thus far tested in this color, the reinforcing rib is wound up through the hackles to lend support to the palmered hackle should the fish teeth tatter the poor offering. No way in hell with claret….but of value in productive colors. 

Trout Vision may be the culprit…that gap in their vision. Maybe I do have to use a scent attractant?  


Wet Fly Pattern & Bead to Hook sizing


Wet Fly~SwittersB

Wet Fly Recipe: Gray 6/0 to 8/0 thread; Size 10-18 Pupa Hook; Gold Bead to match hook size; fine black wire to match gray thread; UV Ice Dub; Starling hackle.

Put bead on hook. Attach thread at rear of shank and tie in wire ribbing. Wrap the gray thread back and forth on rear 2/3 of hook and build up a tapered abdomen. Leave thread at upper abs by future thorax area. Wrap wire ribbing from rear to front equally spacing wraps and making at least five turns of ribbing. Tie off ribbing. Dub a scraggly thorax that allows for some dubbing fibers to trail backwards. Tie in Starling hackle by butt or tip depending upon size of hook (above you can see I left tip of feather intact rather than cutting it off.

You can, of course, mix and match the colors of the thread body , wire ribbing, dubbing and bead color. The Starling hackle is alway a fine material for small wets. A simple Peacock thorax (less animated) could be substituted for the UV Ice Dub.  (See post 3/3/09 for similar flies)

BEAD TO HOOK SIZE:                                                          

1/16= Size 20,
5/64= Size 18,
3/32= Size 16,
7/64= Size 14,
1/8= Size 12,
5/32= Size 10 & 8,
7/32= Size 6 & 4,


Formula 1/Indy’s Token Cuteness? (Hot But Fiercely Competitive)

Maybe it is a anomaly, perhaps not, but how can the 3 qualifiers of the female genre look so hot and have nerves of steel……they have thus far proven themselves…a credit to Lyn St. James.

Milka Duno

Milka Duno

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick


Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher (Married And More Sensible)

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