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Art (Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo…Eroticism, Illustration, Power & nature)

I previously presented a very erotic piece (at least to me and I believe many) of  Wilco Ruineman’s  The Woman and the Fish. Lissi wrote to me to check out Boris Vallejo’s 1996 work called Wet. Quite similar in image, erotic power and a fish. As a result, I perused Vallejo and Julie Bell’s works…something for everyone if you like flesh, muscle, power and fanciful surroundings. Definitely worth a search especially if one likes epic heroines and hero’s. Also, check their blog out. 

The Order of Wolves~Julie Bell

The Order of Wolves~Julie Bell


Spokane Mallard Mama Readies to Hatch More Daredevils (Tension Mounts for another leap of faith) (Ducklings Hatch July 2009)

Spokane's Sterling Bank Ducks

Spokane's Sterling Bank Ducks

Apparently the same Duck Mama is sitting upon the nest at the same spot as last year. So, when they hatch again, will Mr. Armstrong again ready himself beneath the awning and prior point of  leaping ducklings? The tension will mount for Mr. Armstrong as the time nears…July perhaps? Await the media frenzy in small town Spokane.   

Last year, mama took her ducklings on their first trip to the river.  But employees feared the 10-foot leap would be deadly.  A loan officer caught them as they jumped, then gathered the brood in a box and walked to Riverfront Park with mama close by.”

Spokane Ducklings Hatch and once again bank employees save the day! (2009)

Snopes reported on the veracity of the story last year and the video footage of  the launch(es) is cool.

Prior Launch(es)

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