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Whitney Gould @ Rogue Angels (if you need new shoes to complete the outfit…do it…guys too)

 Rogue Angel Whitney Gould posted an excellent recap of how to’s re spey fly fishing for women and really for anyone. Great advice on the heels of the Sandy River Spey Clave.
Whitney Gould~Sound Advice For All Fly Fishers

Whitney Gould~Sound Advice For All Fly Fishers

“I started thinking, How is this different from buying a pair of new shoes when I have 10 pairs already in the closet? And I came to the conclusion, It doesn’t matter. You feel you need those pair of shoes to make an outfit complete the same as needing to buy a new rod to make a fishing experience more complete.”


Goin’ Phish’n (You May Have to Gear Back Up)

“Plenty of music lovers are fans. The Phish contingent, meanwhile, would be more aptly described as fanatics.”


“Such a level of obsession is remarkable given that Phish, which is headlining both Fenway Park next Sunday and the Comcast Center on June 6, doesn’t have any major radio hits. Its members, who met at the University of Vermont in 1983, are goofy, geeky, overgrown college kids. Yet thanks to the group’s moderately sized but immensely devoted fanbase, not to mention its vibrant live shows, Phish has sculpted a highly successful career that spans three decades and had Rolling Stone calling them “the most important band of the ’90s.” Success is measured in different ways. Too bad they are sold out. But, the world is a little crazier and fun. I can’t say gone Phish’n, however. 


Iran & Fish Farming (Trout Hatcheries to raise protein intake of populace)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the IRGC aside, Iran possesses astounding beauty in its people and in particular its mountains and highlands. Trout streams exist and little is available about the habitat and fly fishing possibilities available for the adventure angler. I did discover long standing efforts to rear trout in lakes and streams in Iran in an effort to enhance the meager protein intake in certain remote areas.  I imagine somewhere in Iran fisheries biologist are arguing the same aquaculture versus wild trout. Hatcheries appear to have existed near the Caspian Sea’s inlet streams. I would be curious to find out more about this region’s trout species and other species that have been fished for….and if fly fishing is practiced to any degree. Why the interest in a purported hot button locale? Well, in discussing Iran with a freind there is the other part of the story. No excusing the Mullahs or the whack job Ahmadinejad…but there is another beautiful side to the country and part of that is its natural beauty and streams. One never knows, someday a burgeoning fly fishing trade may set in as it has in SE Europe…in regions once viewed as unsafe, hostile or troubled. The beauty was always there along with kind people. The same holds true for Iran.

Iranian Aquaculture of Trout

Iranian Aquaculture of Trout


Give me your beautiful red color
And take back my sickly pallor!
سرخی تو از من و
زردی من از تو

Freshwater Fish of Iran

ماهیگیری بامگس طعمه


Lar Lake (Iran)

Lar Lake (Iran)

Received info from Fati of Iran of a beautiful lake several hours outside of Theran. The linked photos  by Helma certainly show a beautiful area.

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