A few years ago I was fortunate enough to travel on a small ship cruise to the Sea of Cortez. The ship held about 80 passengers and we moved about to back coves and explored the villages and hiked about the shorelines. I even wet a line with little success, but it was fun. On board, there was one of those coffee table style books that transcended the usual visuals. It was the story of Ray Cannon (captured by Gene Kira) and the Hollywood Crowd that moved about the Baja region before it was discovered in Sunset or NatGeo.

Gene Kira

The book is pretty spendy to buy online these days, but the article associated with the book that I found is interesting for anyone that has been to the Sea of Cortez, Baja or the Sonoran mainland, or might want to go.  The adventuresome spirit of those that traveled to their then private play ground must have been enjoyable to be around…. Those types still are around in the FF areana and we marvel at their photography and far flung exploits.