OREGON Spider (swittersb)

Lurking about the yard these two were about the size of a M&M Peanut on steroids. NW Spiders    Hobo Spider

Northwestern brown spider or the hobo spider                     HOBO Not Recluse

“The northwestern brown spider or hobo spider (Tegenaria agretis) is well known in Oregon and Washington and is also quite common in Utah. Spider bites by this spider are becoming recognized more often in California, which may be due to the fact that the spider is becoming better known. The hobo spider often causes a bite that leaves an open, slow-healing wound. Bites from this spider are frequently and mistakenly thought to be brown recluse spider bites. Keep the wound clean and prevent infection. If the bite becomes infected or does not seem to heal, see a physician.”     HOBO SPIDER BITE

In Waiting.... (switterb)
HOBO Spider? In Waiting.... (switterb)