October Caddis~Switters B (Deschutes R.)Over a year ago, I was waving a two hander on the Deschutes R. in search of steelhead and incidentally noticing the October Caddis clinging to streamside trees in the afternoon breeze. I vowed to be there again for the steelhead and if time allowed or focus waned, a little trout fishing as well. Life has conspired to wipe out these plans this year. But, in honor of the large Caddis, yet another hairwing imitation…a low riding affair…less buoyant than and Elk Hair Caddis (EHC) but no less worthy.

Maybe next year, I will have not just planned to go but will have actually expended the time to tie up several dozen October Caddis patterns of various looks. I have previously posted here about October Caddis so query the search box re the habitat of the large trout morsel.


October Caddis Pattern Materials~SwittersB