There are the wet flies, and I admit I like them, that are like overdone hussies. Ripe with anticipation and just so put together they are hard to resist. Then there are those that are like a natural beauty. No adornments of excess, flash or enticement…nothing beyond their natural beauty. All the more perfect because their power to seduce is naturally given. Ok, for a few minutes forget about her and contemplate on my wet fly, the Wet Whistle. All natural, with strong  lines and inviting.


The fly is tied on a size 12 to size 18 dry fly hook, although a heavier wired nymph hook would be fine. Thread from 8/0 to 14/0 (depending upon the size of fly) is used. No weight/bead is added for weight. A small clump of antron or Zelon the length of the shank is tied in at the bend of the hook. I dubbed tan hairs ear with the guard hairs for the abdomen/thorax. Here a natural gray-brown hen hackle feather was tied in by the tip just ahead of the dubbing and wound twice forward toward the eye of the hook. For smaller flies, I would recommend Starling feathers for 16-20 size hooks. No ribbing, no flash to the tail or wing. Just basic earth tones with movement of the tail and wing.  The fly satisfies like a non-pretentious, dependable beauty should.