Kokanee Power Oregon’s Mission? (Kill The Big Ones to Preserve the Troll?)

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I was discussing fishing with my bro-in-law last night and he remarked about a fishing derby he had entered this late Summer at Diamond Lake (Oregon). The prize money was sizeable and it was huge success….many fish caught and killed. All this on a lake that was a trophy lake years ago but because of morons introducing baitfish, it has been nuked at least two times to kill off all life and re-stocked in an effort to restore it to a decent fishery…..for ‘put and take…kill the fish derby’s’ apparently.

Kokanee Power Oregon states at their website:

“While bass fishing tournaments have long been a staple on the Oregon angling scene, derbies featuring cold water species like trout and kokanee have been uncommon.

But Kokanee Power is changing that — and providing a boost to fishing in the process.

Launched just 16 months ago, the Medford-based organization has already held six fishing derbies in Oregon. Two more are scheduled this summer — including another kokanee event Aug. 22 at Odell Lake and a trout derby Sept. 26-27 at Diamond Lake.

While its name emphasizes one spe-cies of fish (kokanee are landlocked sockeye saled to be the big-gest trout tournament ever held in Oregon, with a minimum of $5,000 in prize money.”

The expressed mission according to Kokanee Power Oregon:y to boost kokanee, trout and salmon fisheries in inland waters.”


I was sitting there listening to my bro-in-law describe the worthiness of this and said is it any wonder trout fishing in Orgon sucks if this is the means to the end? Even bass tournaments have figured out live wells and C&R for tournaments…but here in Oregon it is still about the meat…The Kokanee is such a plentiful fish in many lakes I guess it does lend itself to a put and take derby mentality. But, Diamond Lake trout…? And, somewhere in this mix of mess is ODFW, the masters of fish management in Oregon…

Perhaps there is an upside to this that I am not aware of beyond KPO donated monies etc. Like what is the real world results in California or Oregon to this good intentioned event?

Perhaps we are to the psychological point of man made impoundments and hatchery fish for stringers and meat…period.The picture is not from a KPO event…no difference in my estimation.

4 Responses to “Kokanee Power Oregon’s Mission? (Kill The Big Ones to Preserve the Troll?)”

  1. 1 Jerud
    August 5, 2010 at 10:03

    “Kill the big ones to preserve the troll?” That is a bit harsh, if you want to raise thousands of dollars to help inland fisheries with a catch and release flyfishing tournament please do so. The tournament at Diamond will weigh 2 fish per team no more than 1 over 20″. I doubt that there will be many more fish killed that weekend than any weekend this summer. The majority of the folks fishing the tournament are certainly conservation minded although most do enjoy a few fish for the pan or smoker. Those two things should not be incompatible. The fish in Diamond lived for years with heavy fishing pressure and it was only when some joker introduced shiners that the lake took a hit. The tournament specifically disallows fishing from the bank or an anchored floating device meaning that you pretty much cannot fish with bait. The use of live bait other than worms is also specifically disallowed. No still bait fishing is there so that fewer fish are hooked deep enough to cause lethality thus preserving the idea that most fish will be released unharmed. Yes bass fishermen have a nice system with live wells to allow fish to be caught weighed and released at the end of the day, that just doesn’t work with trout and certainly doesn’t work with kokanee. Kokanee specifically will be floating belly up in a live well within an hour after being caught. I have done it and the bass will be swimming around between the dead Kokanee in the live well. You surmise that kokanee are plentiful enough that catch and kill is not a big deal for them, I would suggest that it is more than plenty. As a salmon they have a 3-4 year life cycle after which they spawn and die. Most of the lakes that I fish haven’t been stocked in many years and they have a very healthy naturally reproducing population. In fact the primary limiting factor for these fish is food. In the past 2 years we have seen the Kokanee at Lake Billy Chinook get smaller and there is a greater incidence of parasites on the fish we catch. The only real change in the past 2 years is the Daily bag limit was reduced from 25 to 5 fish. There are certainly more Kokanee in the lake but we really need more fish harvested so that the fish have less disease and more food to grow. Believe me when I say that Kokanee Power is an ally to anybody that is interested in inland fisheries conservation.


  2. 3 Frank
    November 17, 2009 at 10:50

    Your opening comments in this link
    Nov 08 -09 Kokanee power Oregon’s mission? (kill the big ones to preserve the troll) you stated: I was discussing fishing with my bro-in-law about the derby at Diamond lake then the 3ND topic after kill,prize money,,,many fish caught and killed,,, on a lake that was trophy lake and that picture with 5 guys and a kid with all those fish,, must have been befor 1960,,,,,,,, could the kid be your bro-in-law?
    You apparently are not a (Trout) fisherman because I don’t use the term kill, I as a fisherman of all kinds of fish,,,,I don’t even use the word “harvest” them and a real trout fisherman that Catch & Release them tries not to hurt them
    my comment on your opining statement;
    I would like to know how many sister’s you have or how many brother’s your wife has and who is your moron Bro-in-law that forgot to mention that Diamond lake don’t have kokanee in it? The rest of your writings look to be good.

    I will be at the next Kokanee derby at Diamond Lake in 2010 and bring in 10 rainbows and have a lot of fun doing so and I may smoke so there for dinner and if I win,,,, well leta just call it,,,,the lemond on the fish,,,, I don’t like Iceing on the cake when I’m having fun.
    From the fat floating fingers
    of fantastic fisherman Frank
    that likes to fish with Hillery Swank
    from a boat or from the bank
    If you should see me with this fine chick
    her fingers would rap around my ugly stick
    Frank Dazzoler


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