This originally was a larger bead head pattern in the size 10 range that was run through riffles and runs for trout or when larger, the steelhead. Fished like a traditional nymph beneath a strike indicator, it catches fish year round. Here, I have tied it smaller than the original pattern. I tied it smaller and therefore use a Starling wing. I don’t tie much of a body. Mostly a thread body or a wound Krystal flash body comprised of a couple strands of flash wound up the shank. I focus more on the thorax where I dub in a ragged thorax of Ice Dub and allow strands to trail to the rear. I tie in two goose biots right behind the bead head. I arrange the biots to angle outward at an angle and to not extend back beyond the bend of the hook. Then I take a Starling feather and tie it in at the tip. I wrap it twice and tie it off. I love Starling feathers for wings more than Partridge feathers in smaller flies.



Biot Wing Application (Prince Nymph but works for this fly also)