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Water Into the Trees (Hmm…Now What?)

Ah, the anticipation. Traditional trips taken each year. Memories extending back many years. A storm is coming, but it probably will be ok, given how low the river has been through the Fall. Up early, as a two hour drive lies ahead and we want to be on the water at first light. There early, gearing up in the dark. Down we go through old briars, alders and mud.

Silent recognition amongst us. Nothing needs to be said; we’ve been here enough times to know where the water line needs to be for safe wading and productive presentations. The river is up a good two feet  too high at the bank…back up into the tall grass and briars. The speed is too fast and the mind starts to work on where could we go to gain ok access. We cannot turn around now.  We each tried according to our own individual patience levels. Some sat out early, fed up. All eventually gave up.Too unsafe to wade and fish.

River levels, prognostications and weather systems were checked, but it poured forth oblivious to the forecast. Next few months maybe….time is so scarce these days….but we all need the fix, the pull, the moment.


Utah Spelunker Dies in Cave (tragic stuff here)

SPANISH FORK, Utah – “The popular Utah cave where a 26-year-old medical student died earlier in the week will be closed permanently and his body will not be removed, state and county officials said Friday.

For the past two years, the St. George native was attending medical school at the University of Virginia, hoping to pursue a career as a pediatric cardiologist. Jones, his wife Emily and their 13-month-old daughter had come home to Utah for the Thanksgiving holiday and to share the news that another baby is expected in June.”  (AP Story on Yahoo)


FLY TYING BEAD CHART (Hook To Bead Conversion)

  • The 1/16″ beads fits hook Sizes-22 thru 26

  • The 5/64″ beads fits hook Sizes-18 thru 22

  • The 3/32″ beads fits hook Sizes-16 & 18

  • The 7/64″ beads fits hook Sizes-14 & 16

  • The 1/8″   beads fits hook Sizes-12 & 14

  • The 5/32″ beads fits hook Sizes-10 & 12

  • The 3/16″ beads fits hook Sizes-6 & 8

  • The 7/32″ beads fits hook Sizes-2 & 4

The principle caveat here is the bend of the hook & varieties of different hook brands . Barb or crimp the barb down to allow the bead to be slid onto the hook. The next potential obstacle is the bend. A Sproat hook has a uniform bend to the hook, which best facilitates the bead sliding all the way up to the eye of the hook. A Limerick hook is not suitable for a beads. Some Scud-Pupa hooks require a little assist to squeeze the bead up along the shank. Also, notice beads you buy in fly shops have two sized holes. The smaller hole goes over the hook point first. If you put the large hole first, once the bead reaches the eye of the hook it will extend too far and partially cover the eye, so reverse it. Bead shop beads are quite pretty, but the holes are a uniform size. If you are exploring a bead shop, first they are not weighted as a rule (plastic/glass). Also, take your hooks along and ask if you can experiment in sliding beads over the point and, the hard part, around the bend of the hook. Better to ask then buy hundreds of useless beads. When tying patterns, you will need to secure the bead forward with thread wraps and materials to stop the bead from sliding back over the fly even a little bit. If you notice your thread mysteriously breaks at the rear of the bead; some cheap beads are abrasive at the edges of  the larger hole and as you wrap the thread at that point, the thread is cut by the irregular edged bead…doesn’t happen often, but should it…that is why.




Odd, I can remember about 20 years ago when bead head patterns came about. The adornment of a bead was viewed by older tiers, in my circle, as sacrilegious. I recall a shop owner swearing off beads and not wanting to carry them in his shop. Of course, he was a competent business man, so the beads were brought in by demand. Eventually, the pattern bins contained bead head patterns. It is good for beginners to know that many patterns were not weighted with a bead or even lead wraps on the shank. The weight or sink rate of the fly line used was the determining factor in sinking an unweighted fly. It is good strategy to always tie weighted and unweighted nymph patterns. Use a different color thread for the thread head to differentiate weights of flies in the box. An unweighted nymph in 1-3 feet of water with a floating or intermediate line is much more efficient and tactically sound than the kur-plop of a bead head, bead chained eyes, shank wrapped fly, especially if a minimal or slow decent is required. Presentation, presentation, presentation….do you want the fly tracking mostly horizontal? Or, jigging in an undulating up and down and forward combination?


¿Dónde están los niveles de América del Sur? Onde estão os níveis da América do Sul?

Hola Compañero Fly Fisher & Fly Tier

Por favor, transmita a mi sitio web-blog de información sobre interesantes de América del Sur volar niveles. Estoy harto de agencia de viajes o guía de sitios de pesca que promueven viajes a albergues y aguas privadas que la mayoría de nosotros nunca serán capaces de pagar. Compartir conmigo y con mis lectores hombres y mujeres que son la vinculación y la pesca por el amor de ella solamente. Gracias.


Olá companheiro Fly Fisher & Fly Tier

Por favor, envie-me site-blog informações sobre interessantes da América do Sul fazer camadas. Estou farto de agência de viagens ou guia de sites de pesca que promovem viagens para pousadas e águas privadas que a maioria de nós nunca será capaz de pagar. Compartilhar comigo e com meus leitores homens e mulheres que estão subordinadas e pesca para o amor dele apenas. Obrigado.




Soft Hackle~Flymph Wings (Smaller Hooks and Oversized Feathers)

Sometimes, particularly with Partridge and hen hackle, the hackle barbs will be too long after you wrap the wing. Generally you only want the tips of the wing to extend just back to the bend at most. The below technique allows you to use bigger feathers and still get the advantage of the feather’s markings. Mallard, Teal, Gadwall as well as Partridge come to mind.


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