“Fishing in the Fall always brings out the melancholy side of me (okay it doesn’t take much to do that). I can’t help but to think, “Is this the last trip of the year?” We can’t know the span of our days or the number of casts that we have left. As I get older I look back more and more and think of things past. Fall just seems like a natural time to do this. Of course there is always the anticipation of a new year and a new season. The spawning colors on that brookie are a promise of that. Nature has saved some of her most beautiful displays for the autumn, the fish, the leaves, the clear blue skies and golden, slanting sunlight. The best wine is brought out late in the celebration.” Casting Around with Anthony Naples

Have you ever noticed the satisfying pictures of the smaller gems living in streams? We all love to see the bigger fish, but those little fish hiding and surviving in small streams are a blessing to behold. If you don’t get it now…you hopefully will some day.