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Fly Tying & The Thread Head (Skip Morris Tips)

Regardless of whether you complete the thread head with a whip finisher or by the hand whip finish, it is important for aesthetics, balance and strength to pay attention to this last part of the fly’s preparation. Flies come apart at this critical point due to faulty thread wraps or weakly secured materials along the way on the shank. So, extra care at this final juncture to not crowd the eye or to not make loose, minimal wraps must be made.

Pheasant Tail Nymph by SwittersB (Thorax, Thread Head) Pheasant Tail Nymph (Thorax & Thread Head) by SwittersB

“Though simple in construction and function, thread heads are, to many tiers, a plague. But a bit of understanding and strategy can make them manageable–even make them pleasant to tie. And the result is a head that is neat, sound.”      Thread Heads by Skip Morris


Chironomid~Nymphal Imitation

This is a commercial tie. It is meant to be a chironomid-midge pupa pattern. I think the abdomen here has a unique look (underwrap of silver tinsel and overwrap of black vinyl wrap). The tail and gills are a white antron-synthetic fiber. The wingcase (over top of thorax section) is a black material that could be any flexible-stretch material. It could be a clear material and darkened with black permanent marker. The thorax is the ever wonderful peacock herl. It could also be Peacock Ice Dub, chopped fine and dub. The bead is a silver bead. The hook appears to be a 200R or similar straight eye hook (as opposed to the more frequent down eye). The hook is a size 14. So, that abdomen of silver tinsel and black vinyl ribbing is my favorite component of this fly.

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