Yes, don’t you just love a nice tail. This is my variation of the Little Fort Leech in a smaller size 12. I usually tie my WB’s in size 10 to size 6. The fly here is tied with a few variations I think are interesting: the tail is from a three toned boa from a craft store. I have shown this before for the Calico Bugger (query in search box). Here the boa is black, white and gray strung marabou. A clump is cut from the central cord of the boa and tied in at the bend straight above from the barb of the hook. I added, per the original Little Fort Leech, the red hackle fibers on top of the tied in marabou tail. Here, I have experimented with other hot color-visible colors (chartreuse, orange, purple) but red consistently is the color with chartreuse a second place. The body here is a subdued midnight crystal chenille (small) and it is overwrapped with a sparse, palmered black hackle. At the head of the body is a wrapped Starling feather, which is not typical LFL or WB.  Seems, maybe, unnecessary to tout this fly (the Woolly Bugger), but how many still use a Muddler Minnow ( I said use not carry). Twenty five years ago all fly fisherman were admonished to carry the must have Muddler Minnow…course that was guys usually fishing for predatory browns. Don’t get me wrong, I carry my Muddlers and Spudlers. Just cannot catch enough fish with the LFL here, so in the search for something more interesting don’t get bored just yet with any WB version.

Little Fort Leech by SwittersB
Typical Little Fort Leech by SwittersB