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MYSIS RELICTA (At First Look A Perfect Food Source….Fly Pattern)


I have noted that while exploring information about the Frying Pan and Gunnison Rivers, I saw references to the ‘Mysis Shrimp’ patterns. I recall some 10 years ago coming across the fly concept at a Fall Sportsman show with fly tiers. A gentleman was tying clear with some silver patterns that were kind of a cross between a shrimp, chironomid and a scud pattern. So, several months later while preparing for a BC trip, I tied up some bug-eyed replicas of what I recalled. I tied them way too big…size 12’s and with protruding black plastic dumbbell eyes…but, without any research, I kicked ass on Leighton L. There probably isn’t a Mysis to be found in Leighton L. But, as I wound my way around the edges and the small islands of nearby Tunkwa L., I was ‘the man’ for a few glorious hours. I still have those flies. I fish them and get zero results. So, over time I lost faith…but, my hoarding genetics kicks in and there they sit..just as tidy as can be…a dozen silver-grey and white shrimp like patterns. Always the silent refrain..”You should try those…No, not now.” Tonight, I came across the Mysis reference again. Again, it peeked my curiosity, so I found a few patterns and I came across an equally interesting issue regarding the introduction of Mysis Relicta into lakes as a food source and the unintended consequences of one food source removing another food source and it all impacting trout.

As a reference to the size of the Mysis Shrimp for tying purposes


Stalcup Mysis Shrimp (Almont Anglers) Almont Anglers & Mysis

Mysis Range


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