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Wet Fly (Old Faithful…Large or Small)

Wet Fly (Because It Feels Good to Tie) SwittersB

I mean how many little bead head gems can you have? 100, 2oo? Who knows. There is absolutely no need to tie any more bead head wet flies for years to come, yet I do. Why? The lines suggest more to me than any other fly. It is simple, buggy, moving, suggestive of life, seducing through the air bubble highway below. It just feels right. So, I tie them. I give them away. I forget about boxes of them. But, two things emerge….I am satisfied and content to tie them and they always work. This is all devoid of maybe’s, might’s and should’s.

The fly was tied on a size 14 pupa hook. A bead is strung up over the barb and forced around the bend of the hook to the eye. 8/0 black thread is attached to the shank and wrapped back toward the rear of the shank. A copper wire rib was tied in at the point where the shank rounds down toward the rear.  The tail is from a Hare’s Mask; the guard hairs cut from the mask and tied in as a clump  at the rear pretty much in line with the barb of the hook (I often seem to use the barb as a reference point for the tie in). The abdomen/thorax is dubbed Hare’s Mask with few guard hairs. The wing is from a Partridge  feather tied in by the tip and wound forward. A couple things re aesthetics: when I tied in the feather, I did not cut off the tip. No harm, I believe, but you can see it as a stubby little wing of sorts. The thread finish is to wide and a gap presents itself between the bead and the wing. The camera sees this…I couldn’t.

In times of uncertainty or demands upon my tying time, I don’t wobble about experimenting too far. I stay with the proven and dependable.


Gonzo Wading (Like 75mph/120kph through the neighborhood……)

Drowning by Catalyst

“There are a number of fishermen out there, myself included, that need a reminder now and then, that waders were invented to keep water out, not necessarily to increase the depth that waders could wade.”    Bish & Fish

Just a matter of time. Resist the temptation to match the fool, even if it pays off for him.

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