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Fly Tying (Extended Body by Furling)

Furled~Extended Body (Rowley)

Furling means, “to gather into a compact roll and bind securely”, from a fly tying perspective furling involves twisting a material and allowing it to fold and wrap around itself. The end result is a durable tapered body. Antron is one of the easiest materials to furl but other materials work well including yarn, Super Stretch Floss, Mohair even dubbing loops. When using soft materials such as Anton, dipping the completed furled body in Softex prior to tie in provides additional durability and reduces the chance of the extended body from fouling around the hook bend. Furled bodies also offer the added benefit of built in segmentation, ideal when tying damsel nymphs and extended body dry fly patterns. Segmentation is a by product of direct pressure and the number of twists applied while furling. The more pressure and twists you use the greater the segmentation.


Fly Tying (Live a Little…Sloppy~Fuzzy is OK Sometimes)

A small piece of flashabou in the wing

Couple things to note: Now this is under the macro lens’ ability to capture details not very visible to the human eye….the starling feather has the nice, visible barbules; the Kudra The Cat dubbing is so buggy..both will assist in capturing air bubbles or disturbing the strata. The thread, I used was 8/0, but I sure didn’t contain the dubbing and feather material at the head did I? This the quandary when advising a beginner: strive to form a neat thread head. Too sloppy detracts, BUT…a little sloppy (unintentional here) may just add to the bugginess of some patterns. Some patterns (Atlantic Salmon Flies for example) are art forms and not meant to suggest a bug form. They necessarily require perfect, unbroken lines for the artistic requirements of humans, if not fish.


Matuka Style Streamers

Matuka Style Streamer Pattern (Overlayed Feather Wing)

Matuka’s, Zonker’s, Streamers in general. I will get to it…    Rabbit Overwing     Matuka Feather Overwing      Streamers


Hypothermia and Fly Fishing

“A warm hat can help significantly, especially since 50% of body heat is lost through the head.” (COLD)

Conserve Head Heat


Man’s Climate Change Absurdity (Fool’s Gold On and On…..EcoPaw Prints)

“Owning a dog really is quite an extravagance, mainly because of the carbon footprint of meat,” Barrett said. Other animals aren’t much better for the environment, the Vales say. Cats have an eco-footprint of about 0.15 hectares, slightly less than driving a Volkswagen Golf for a year, while two hamsters equates to a plasma television and even the humble goldfish burns energy equivalent to two mobile telephones.”   (Horseshit Gazette) My Tundra, my dogs, my guns, or all, given the BS emanating from social planners and/or vegans these days. Pushing your luck!

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