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Fly Tying: Rhea Feathers for Spey Flies (A lighter version of ostrich)

The Seduction of the Rhea Feather

Paul Miller's Spey Hackle (Rhea Included)


“Rhea feather
To peel rhea, pinch the strands at the tip of the feather and carefully pull down. The membrane should separate from the stem with all its fibers intact.  This gets  easier with practice, but is well worth a few casualties to be able to have such a remarkable hackle, free of the bulky stem. When tying the peeled rhea onto a shank, wrap the membrane as though it were the stem of a regular feather.” Hatches Mag & FlyGal re Rhea


Your Spider….Your Spider On Drugs (Unintended Consequences)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“the crack cocaine spider figured building webs was for suckas. waited until the caffiene spider was exhausted, then came up behind it and popped a cap in its ass”


Intersection: Hooking the Moon



Fly Tying: Folding Hackle Barbs to Double the Barbs

Tying Wet Fly Hackle in by Tip:

“Unlike Dry flies which are tied in mostly by the butt of the feather, most nymphs and wet flies call for a hackle or collar that is tied in by the tip and wrapped forward to the front of the fly. This allows the shorter barbules to be at the back and the longer barbs to veil the fly from the front.” (The AnglersNet-Hackle)

Folding Hackle Barbs Along Stem to Double Barbs Then Wrap Collar:

This is complicated to explain, for me, but by learning how to fold one half of the hackle’s barbs back against the barbs on the other side of the stem, you increase the density of barbs and the collar. This is helpful in wrapping marabou wings and normal hackles collars. Sometimes for a sparse pattern like a classic wet or spider, you may want to strip half the barbs off one side and only wrap the one side of barbs remaining. (GFF)

Folding Hackle

Folding Hackle is really simple if you use the Joe Ayres foam block method. Start by getting a block of foam (the kind you find wrapped around computer equipment to protect it in shipping) about3″x3″x10″ long. Cut 1/2″ deep slots in the foam—you should be able to get about a dozen slots in a 10″ piece of foam. To fold the hackle all you have to do is insert the feather’s stem in the slot and the hackle is folded. I like to fold a dozen at a time and then tie flies. (Hawaii Lure)

Folded Schlappan Feather

There are a few techniques to do this: by hand (as you wrap the hackle use your off hand to assist in folding the barbs under as you wrap across the top of the hook; a slit in foam or wood that the feather is drawn through and the barbs folded to the same side; or the feather is tied in and the sides of the scissor blade is drawn against the stem and one side of the hackle to fold the barbs under toward the other side’s barbs. I will look for better visuals re this. I know Simon at Pike Fly Fishing has a slot apparatus that folds the barbs together creating denser wings. Maybe the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool or a clamp would work to fold the hackle barbs together?


“If you are having trouble folding ( “doubling”) hackle with your fingers, then get a block of foam. Cut a slit in the foam, and simply push the hackle stem into it, this folds the hackle. The foam should be as wide as the hackle you wish to fold is long. Grip the hackle by the tip and butt, and just pull it down into the slit.” (Trad at Classic Fly Tying, 2/28/08)

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