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Fly Tying: Prevent Tail~Hook Fouling with Thick Mono Loop

Mono Loop on Hook

I saw this trick several years ago at a Fly Tying Expo in Eugene, Oregon (Albany, Oregon now; March). A common problem with trailing tails of marabou or rabbit strips is that the tail gets wrapped around the bend of the hook and does not trail behind the fly. The concept of the mono loop is that it supports the rabbit fur strip out away from the bend of the hook, thereby lessening the sag of the tail and possibility of it catching around the bend. This is a technique I have not used. I would think it is better suited for straight cut rabbit fur and not marabou.

“A mono loop must be tyed at the back of the hook to prevent the tail from fouling around the hook. It must be a stiff mono with a break strength of 20#-40#. Mason is perfect for this. Use a pair of pliers to mash the ends of the mono flat for better strength at the tye in point. Form a loop extending ½” behind the hook right on top. Tye the tail in right on top of the mono loop. Glue that stage down to the hook with Crazy Glue (brushable) so it won’t twist around the hook.”  Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers

Simon Graham commented: “I use this method a lot,especially when using Raccoon fur strips on my poppers. I use weed trimmer cord on mine though, here’s what I do”


Fly Fishing: Mending To The Currents

Middle Fork, Willamette River, Oregon

Dry-Fly Line Mending Principles
In general, there are two main principles to follow while mending your line while fishing a dry fly:

  • The angler should use upstream mends to compensate for faster flowing surface current between the angler and the end of the fly line.
  • The angler should use downstream mends to compensate for slower flowing surface current between the angler and the end of the fly line

Wet-Fly Line Mending Principles
In general there are two all-purpose principles to follow in wet fly line mending:

  • The angler should use upstream or downstream mends in order to achieve an initial drag-free drift for the fly. This free drift will in turn allow the fly to sink down in the water column.
  • When the desired depth is reached, the angler will again mend the line, but this time across the faster flowing current. Fast moving water will cause the belly of the line to be pushed at a faster rate, resulting in an upward swing of fly as it passes its respective target.  (Bass Pro Shop…yes, yes, good enough for April…good enough for you).



Spey Casting & Skagit Master (A Critique From a Beginner)

I have previously made an investment in the gear and some river time to learn Spey Casting. I have not made a full commitment as some do. So, although I have been out on the river and been fortunate to fish while receiving excellent instruction, I have not ingrained the muscle memory from repetitively performing the movements. So, each outing it is awkward for quite awhile until I seem to settle into an ok routine. 100 casts and maybe 10 feel right. Not very good really. I had purchased the Ed Ward dvd sometime back after Buster first touted the quality. Only recently have I been able to watch it front to back and come away with an impression.

It is a tutorial that will require you to get out on a large grassy field and/or the river to practice. It is real instruction not fluff.  The dvd is filmed mostly on a large, grassy plain with cottonwood trees doing their thing. Ed really requires you to think, to visualize, and to go forth and practice, and to come back. Frankly, a laptop in the rig, a park nearby and practicing would be good. There is much to understand as he painstakingly explains plains and angles and hand placements. It is a perfect beginner’s tutorial. It will have to be watched over and over. You can break down the different casts and work through the ‘how was that again’ confusion. Also, Ward’s instruction on how to tie and how to build loops is real and down to earth. Watch this over and over to get all the verbal ques Ward teaches.(Skagit Master DVD)

Some older Spey Info from 2001 that is interesting to read.      And, here re Kings and Ed’s setup.


Fly Tying the Hawthorn Fly~St. Mark’s Fly (Bibio marci)

This is a nice, all purpose pattern that could stand in for chrionomids-gnats-buzzers, as well as the larger Hawthorn fly. The simple body of wrapped pheasant feather fiber (or turkey, or very light dubbing) will have it floating low in the surface film. There is a foam wingcase-head here.  The UK pattern is in response to the April/May ‘hatch’ of the terrestrial insects. But, the many on line variations of the Hawthorn (Bibio Marci) (see Google Images) suggests it would be a great pattern year round on streams and stillwaters.  Additional bug info.

Bibio Marci (Shardack)


Tiffany Johnson Needs Your Help and Prayers (Please Assist)

Currently, my life is touched with a heavy hand. My mom, lies in our home in a hospice mode, the clock ticks precious time away. Two other dear friends are personally contending with similar realities…it is sobering, when others say the countdown must begin. But, beyond my immediate world, I received a message from Steve Dally of the Mountain River Fly Shop in Cotter, Arkansas of a struggle that cuts to your heart and requires an immediate response to assist the less fortunate.

Tiffany & Chad Johnson

Tiffany Johnson is struggling with a challenge to her health that is as serious as it can be. If I may use part of Steve’s message to convey the magnitude of the struggle: ‘Tiffany was diagnosed with 3 brain tumors and a spinal tumor this year. The Monday before Christmas she spent 9 hours on an operating table for extremely rare and risky surgery to remove a tumor entwined in her spinal column. Currently she remains paralysed from the waist down, and with limited movement on her left side above the waist. She faces a year of serious therapy to get back on her feet. She is 30. And, at some point in the future at least 1 tumor still needs to be removed from her brain and possibly all 3.’

Tiffany’s husband is a guide. They do not possess the means to address the massive costs for treatments and all the attendant costs that arise. If you have ever been any where near these events, you know how suffocating all this is while you try to focus on the personal commitment right in front of you. Tiffany and Chad need help.

Steve Dally sent me the link to a scheduled fund raiser for January 23, 2010.  Also, note they have a  Facebook link as well.

Send financial assistance, send quality flies for January 23rd and if you have any additional questions or ability to provide aid contact Steve Dally~

Steve Dally of Mountain River Fly Shop

1200 #7 West Main,

Cotter AR 72626

Mountain River Journal Blog

Tel: (870) 435-6166

Fax: (870) 435-6167

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