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Fly Fishing NZ (Prepare So Your Guide Doesn’t Have a Wobbly)

“I suggest you keep in mind that we fish long leaders here and many people find it hard to roll out an 18ft leader into the wind. Short leaders just won’t cut it. I’m not saying go from 9ft to 18 ft in one go, but before you come over, start tying on a few extra feet from time to time and see how you go at 16 feet. That will help a shit load.”

“I see this all the time: people in the car park trying to impress others by casting into their backing, double hauling and all that shit. Let me tell you, I’d rather take the guy who can put it on a saucer every time at 35ft than someone who is all over the show at 80 feet. Accuracy will win over distance on an NZ river nearly every time, but you’re still going to have to chuck it against the wind. Learn to get accurate.” Blood Knot Magazine re NZ Prep


Fly Tying: Bubble Back Midge (Cool Concept by Hans Stephenson)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a simple, unique pattern that is a nice little midge pattern. I wonder if the elevated bubble with the undercut edge of the bead would afford a good way to tie a parachute pattern? Well, that is perhaps over thinking it…as is, it is a good little pattern.


Enviro Surge & Scourge (Man’s Miscalculations Upon the Resources)

“Michigan wants to slam the door shut on the voracious fish before they enter the Great Lakes and destroy the region’s $7-billion-a-year sport fishing industry or threaten the $16 billion spent on recreational boating each year.”

“The latest threat — Asian carp — began their relentless march north along the Mississippi River decades ago, after being imported for use in Southern states to clean the ponds of catfish farmers in the 1970s. Government workers were also experimenting with the fish as a way to control weeds and dispose of sewage. The fish proved dangerously effective at eating and reproducing in their new home, with the bighead carp variety eating up to 40 percent of its weight each day and growing to 100 pounds and four feet long. Once the carp got into the wild, they began driving out native fish species that anglers covet, eventually dominating entire stretches of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The silver carp variety’s habit of jumping several feet out of the water into the path of motorboats — and their pilots and passengers — makes recreational boating a dangerous proposition in infested areas, with many injuries reported.” Asian Carp About to Enter Great Lakes Chain


“No method of commercial fishing is more destructive of marine ecosystems than longlining. on any given day 100 million baited hooks dangle from giant trotlines in all the world’s oceans……Longlining was introduced by the Japanese in 1952 when the United States first allowed their provisional government to return to the sea. By 1965, Japanese longliners were stripping marine life from every quarter of every ocean. Later in the decade, Spain and the United States joined the slaughter. By the 21st century longlining had become a free-for-all with more than 40 nations and untold pirate fleets competing for rapidly dwindling resources.” Ted Williams of FlyRodReel


Kelly Wallace (Passing to a Better Place…A Peaceful Place)

zsolt andras szabo (pixdaus)

A gentle, decent man from Montana passes on. Rest easy Kelly. You were and are loved and admired. I will write more about this kind man that graced my life via this blog. My heart is heavy today, but I know he is at peace. My sense of loss is nothing compared to those that knew him long and true. My condolences.

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