“I suggest you keep in mind that we fish long leaders here and many people find it hard to roll out an 18ft leader into the wind. Short leaders just won’t cut it. I’m not saying go from 9ft to 18 ft in one go, but before you come over, start tying on a few extra feet from time to time and see how you go at 16 feet. That will help a shit load.”

“I see this all the time: people in the car park trying to impress others by casting into their backing, double hauling and all that shit. Let me tell you, I’d rather take the guy who can put it on a saucer every time at 35ft than someone who is all over the show at 80 feet. Accuracy will win over distance on an NZ river nearly every time, but you’re still going to have to chuck it against the wind. Learn to get accurate.” Blood Knot Magazine re NZ Prep