Tony Muncy’s Intruder Fly Pattern

Frodin Tube; Angora Dubbing Butt Section (builds up a rear section to allow for the splaying of the guinea, ostrich and pink Lady Amherst). The Blue Guinea is wrapped, then black Ostrich Herls are tied in around the tube followed by the Hot Pink Lady Amherst, which is wrapped above the dubbing ball.

The  Silver Tinsel Ribbing is tied in then a Sparsely Dubbed Angora body is wrapped up the tube. The ribbing is wrapped forward over the teased out Angora.  A slightly larger dubbed Thorax was created for the splaying of the Ostrich Herls and the Kingfisher Blue Lady Amherst (excellent steelhead color in Guinea too!). A Gold conehead was pressed on the tube and the tube was melted to lock in the materials.

In Ed Ward’s Skagit Master Video, he demonstrates an excellent  tutorial on how to tie the Intruder. He prepares a dear hair collar, which is spun at the thorax area. That collar does not easily collapse and here would allow the ostrich and Amherst to flare away from the fly’s body and better undulate with the current.

The back ground for the shot was an old cigar box, but it sure looks like dismal old paneling downstairs in a 1970’s family room….. No offense to those of you that still have such paneling, pink tiling in the bathroom, avocado appliances and gold shag carpeting. Take heart the retro movement will come your way and those boots with the zipper on the inside, you still have on the floor of your closet, will be in style yet again.

Lady Amherst (Kingfisher Blue & Hot Pink)