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Bums & Bacon

Just yesterday, I was standing in a local grocery store and noticed Bacon Salt in the seasoning section. Almost grabbed it, but thought next time. Today perusing the Steel site, there it was, thereby solidifying my assumption that most steelhead bums will meet an early demise from fat consumption. Sounds damn yummy on bakers, salads, vegetables and as SteelieMike suggests PB. Back to the store I go….. Just what the hell is it about bacon?


Fishing & Your Teeth (Protect the Teeth)

Ever tie a knot and grab a tag end to further snug the knot tighter? How about using your front teeth to cut the leader because you cannot find your nippers? How much pressure is exerted upon your teeth, crown or filling in that bite? Considerable! Ever put that lead or even harder tin shot in your mouth to pinch that split shot? Bad! Your enamel can crack or be permanently scored from the line or lead. If you don’t want the ‘snaggle’ name, knock off the cutting and crimping with your teeth. It’s bad enough you still chew.Shit nasty mouth…eek!

Speaking of teeth, the Shark Tooth Leader Control system (controlling those leader/tippet spools) seems to have some merit.


Fly Tying: Beetle Pattern with Post (Siting the Fly)

Beetle Pattern with Post for Finding the Fly

Found this Hatchfinders site and there are several excellent tutorials here on patterns for trout/graying. Also, there is a lot of tropical FF destination information here that I enjoyed. I have done a little bit of this, but not with overwhelming success. I have always wanted to FF the East Cape of Mexico while wading the shoreline. Nice section in here re that. Also, BONUS PATTERN, check out the nice CDC  Spent Wing Caddis (do caddis have a spent wing phase?)…regardless, a nice pattern…..

CDC Spent Wing Caddis (Hatchfinders)


Tilapia Recipes

Tilapia seem to be ever more in the forefront in ad campaigns. Saw the hearty NE fisherman for Gorton’s and the image of facing the harsh conditions to harvest from the sea’s bounty. What was the ad for? Tilapia Fish Sticks.  Obviously the new source for fish products. So, with that in mind, here are some recipes from the American Tilapia Association.

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