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Fly Fishing: Brian Chan & Lakes’ Makeup @ ‘Ask About FF Internet Radio’

“He said that of the three types of lakes, namely, eutrophic, mesoptrophic, and oligotrophic, Eutrophic lakes are the one that are usually fished for trout.

Eutrophic lakes are shallow and usually have intermittent or no inlets or outlets, which means that they have low flushing rates. The soils and geology around it make them nutrient-rich so that they grow insects and other food sources of fish…..If you want to catch trout during spring, Chan’s advice is to be aware of spring turnovers. This is when a lake has a lot of debris in the water. “You can go down lower in elevation to catch a lake that’s already turned over or you go higher in elevation to catch a lake that hasn’t turned over,” he said.

Trout are usually found above the so-called thermocline, an invisible barrier that forms like a sheet of plastic across the lake. According to Chan, in most eutrophic lakes, productive lakes do not often have a lot of oxygen below the thermocline. Sometimes, there is not even enough oxygen to support trout in that area.”

North Texas ENews Note the links within the article did not seem to open for me. However, the info regard eutrophic lakes is interesting.

Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio


Fly Tying: Applying Wing Material Without Wrapping

Wet Fly Caddis Pattern~SwittersB

The pattern was tied on a size 12 hook (a little big for most Caddis patterns). The body is dubbed Hare’s Ear. I dubbed it with a loop and quite bushy. No ribbing. The bronze mallard feather was tied in ala the Bird’s Nest Pattern (see tutorial) then a dubbed (Hare’s Ear), head was wound around the tie in point for the mallard feathers. I expect the body and head portions to be scraggly and life like, with the dubbing fibers waving and pulsing. The tying lesson here is the mallard wing: Not wound. The barbs are selected and cut from the stem, then measured for length and then tied in at the thorax area. The bushy abdomen is biggest at the spot where the wing will be tied in, there by causing the mallard barbs to angle out away from the body.


Fly Tying: 2 Strands of Krytal Flash Midge

Here is a simple midge/chironomid pattern, on a size 20 hook, that I tied using two strands of Krystal Flash (peacock color) and a portion of one peacock herl. The thread was 14/0. Simply tie in at the bend of the hook and then tie in two strands of peacock Krsytal Flash. Wrap those two strands forward toward the thorax portion of the fly (final 1/3 to 1/4 of the shank). Tie off the strands and leave two short tag ends, which are forced to the rear by the thread wraps. I then create two additional small tags by tying in a small portion of flash on each side of the thorax. Then the one herl is tied in by the butt and wrapped two times to form the thorax. Finish off a thread head. Simple, flashy…a small dropper that I can get a tippet through the eye of the hook.This a nice beginner’s pattern that is a productive stillwater or stream pattern.


Feather Tattoo’s (Peacock In the Right Spots)

Peacock by amollambe

"Tramp Stamp"?

Tramp Stamp tattoos. Hmm, well I like them. Showed the peacock tattoos because I seem to get many enquiries each day for peacock tattoos, given my past feather tattoos and fly fishing-trout tattoos.

The tat on the upper back has very nice detail…quite realistic by the photo.

The peacock feather most often adorns a female’s back, calf or, as above, quite nicely on a foot. I like peacock for fly tying and I approve of these tattoos too..location and design.


Fly Fishing Art by Anthony Naples

Dry Fly by Anthony Naples (Casting Around)

Trout by Anthony Naples (Casting Around)


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