Wet Fly Caddis Pattern~SwittersB

The pattern was tied on a size 12 hook (a little big for most Caddis patterns). The body is dubbed Hare’s Ear. I dubbed it with a loop and quite bushy. No ribbing. The bronze mallard feather was tied in ala the Bird’s Nest Pattern (see tutorial) then a dubbed (Hare’s Ear), head was wound around the tie in point for the mallard feathers. I expect the body and head portions to be scraggly and life like, with the dubbing fibers waving and pulsing. The tying lesson here is the mallard wing: Not wound. The barbs are selected and cut from the stem, then measured for length and then tied in at the thorax area. The bushy abdomen is biggest at the spot where the wing will be tied in, there by causing the mallard barbs to angle out away from the body.