How to tie LaFontaine’s Buzzball with Mark Raisler. Brought to you by Headhunters Fly Shop.

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Saw this at FlyFishChick and for the beginning fly tier it might seem too simple to be effective. The longer you tie and fish busy waters the more you realize that perfect creations are often unnecessary. The artistic or exacting personal needs of tier’s is understandable for the tier who wants to produce perfect specimens that literally match the hatch. This may be necessary to catch the discriminating, sipping trout. However, look at this simple pattern, LaFontaine’s Buzzball, and think of the options of different colored feathers and sizes and give it a try. Looks like an oversized Griffith’s Gnat from the side but remember the hackle is trimmed top and bottom. Let some of those errant hackle fibers front and rear be.  Some tiers just cannot relax enough to tie and fish too simplistic of a pattern….they don’t like San Juan Worms, Stick Fly’s or Woolly Worms either.

La Fontaine's Buzzball (


‘Busy Water’…any water containing non-snobbish, uptight fish, which is most. Swirls, riffles, wind chop, rolling waves, busy. I made it up…ok?