Fly Shops Fish For Thief

Denver Metro Fly Fishing Shops Targeted By Serial Robber

“A man posing as a customer told them his mother was on the way to the shop and the two of them planned to buy a present for his father.Long and the man went outside to try out a rod.”He could talk the talk and cast the cast,” said Long. Then, Long said, the man asked to see another rod. When Long brought it out, the “customer” and the $620 rod were nowhere to be found.

Hindsight…yes, yes. Some one is passing along some sweet deals on line.

GuysFliesPies advised me that Moldy Chum~America’s Most Wanted (no offense Mr. Barton) is already on the case!  Only for the sake of clarity, from another life, ‘robberies’ is incorrect. A robbery requires a use of force to commit a theft. Unless there was a tussle or weapon displayed in the parking lot over a 5wt. these are probably Aggravated Felony Theft….that aside, the appropriate penalty is: tie him to an Aspen sans pants, coat his tenates in some bear bait and …………..   What? Oh? Well perhaps some form of rehab is in order.

“The result? DPD gumshoes caught their man red-handed while trying to sell his ill-gotten wares at a Lakewood pawn shop.  Little Denver Barneys can now go to sleep at night without nightmares of waking up to a vanished Sage reel.”