Robert Burton's Bead Collection (Nymphs)


Go to Fly Fishing Manitoba and click on the above pic to see the full size (apologies to Robert for cropping pic to tease) and consider the possibilities of beads. You too can walk around a bead store making all the craft ladies nervous. Suggestion: take along some hooks you intend to use and experiment before you buy. Fly shop beads tend to be different (holes bored differently) than bead stores, often enormous options in a bead store. Some very interesting beads can be found. Some bead stores actually will know what you are up to.

Of interest, Bob notes that his pattern (on stillwaters) flips over and rides upside down. This may be the curved shank or the thorax area having too much material atop the shank. That aside, the beads are key here for color variations and segmentation. Bog remarks the patterns are effective tumbling down the stream.