March Brown Wet~SB

March Brown Waters

The above pattern is little more than a Pheasant Tail Nymph (normally a swimmer nymph), but it is a bit stouter and has no wingcase…the March Brown nymph is a clinger nymph (stout and flat to hold in the substrates). The Gold Ribbed Hares Ear in tan to dark tan is a good clinger nymph.

Yes, I know..most don’t nymph for the March Brown hatch. No, the early season rise to a dry is the preferred way for most fly fishers (preferred for most hatches).

March Brown Imago (Spinner)~
March Brown Sparkle Dun @ OFFB

March Brown Sparkle Dun at OFFB….Yes, this little number is it.

March Brown or Rhithrogena Morrisoni