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Sandy River Marmot Dam Removal

Interesting of video of a dam removal on Oregon’s Sandy River from FishKamp. Fished this stretch right below the damn down to the Slaughter Hole many times. The dam was much higher than stage shown here, with a large pool upstream. This was a positive step for the Sandy River in 2007.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Fly Tying: Reverse Hackle, Tenkara Style

With dapping the fly, Tenkara style, this reverse hackled pattern is interesting to consider for dry fly patterns. (Tenkara Fly Fishing USA)

Tenkara USA Fly


Fly Tying: Beads (The Body or The Thorax)

Beaded Wet~SB

Bishfish on Beads

A bead body (just big enough to get onto the hook), or perhaps one larger bead for the thorax. There are many colorful options available. Also, consider the potential of flash (flat tinsel) beneath the bead.


Man’s Best Friend (Control Their Energy Around Water, If You Can)

Ironically, just last night I was discussing with a friend the moments when your dog swims away and you are not sure they will know to return or have the energy. This news story is tragic and a reminder of beach safety and the emotional bond we often feel for our dog.

“The victim was walking on the beach playing fetch with his dog at the D River Wayside at about 9 a.m. His dog reportedly got caught in a wave and was pulled toward the open ocean. The victim went into the water to help, only to get swept away by another wave, witnesses said….The man’s dog was able to get back to shore and survived.”  (Oregon Live)

An aside story re me: last Summer a family member noticed our lab was anxious to swim out into the lake to visit me, some distance away, on my pontoon boat. I looked up to see Emma approaching and sensed she was getting tuckered out. She hadn’t been in the water in sometime. Well, I thought this is not good. I needed to kick around so she could swim between the foot rests of the pontoon boat. She made it through to me and I knew I was in a predicament and would need to hoist the 70# lab up out of the water as I doubted she would make it back to shore. I reached down to grab her collar to steady her in order to figure out how to hoist her while bent over toward the water. No collar! It had been removed so it wouldn’t get wet! She was treading and her ass end was dropping as she was not meant to tread in place. The action was sudden and awkward has I yarded her upward by the scruff of her neck and the lose skin on her back. It was painful for her and she arrived into my lap quite pissed off, as I was. Later, a shore side discussion entailed regarding some forethought of what if’s in the future.

Stillwater Fly Box: No Rhyme or Reason (Reorganize Now?)

You have been snow bound; or focused on Steelhead (for some of you that is your constant obsession); or otherwise involved. You have left that fly box from last October or your last visits to a lake setting aside while pursuing other endeavors. Use this time to prepare for your Spring opener by reorganizing your fly boxes, fly lines and leaders and organizing all that trout gear (this and that) so you won’t be out on the water and ask “Where did I put that damn (whatever you forgot)” My gear is currently focused on tippets no smaller than 10# test. I mention this because I have set voyage onto a lake and then discovered I had not considered leader and tippet materials smaller than 10# test.I have forgotten nippers, pliers, net, fins, waders (I know, I kn0w). I have forgotten just about everything. A primary reason was packing for others and myself. If you pack for someone else (kids, etc) then make sure you have two or more lists and teach the kids to assist and learn to pack for themselves over time).

A checklist is in order beyond rod, reel and reorganized fly boxes. Even spare spools of various fly lines can be forgotten, with only the last line you used on your reel taken along. Now you are stuck with that floating line you used in the Fall while trying to reach fish holding 20′ deep off the drop. Remember a checklist now, and in advance of a trip, not the night before, lay your hands on those items and put them in the gear bags you always take before a stillwater outing.


VHS: Great Lakes Conservation Issues (Complexity Revealed)

“A deadly fish virus has been discovered in fish from Lake Superior near Duluth. The contagious disease, viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus, causes death in numerous fish species…”  “The virus attacks freshwater and saltwater fish and causes them to bleed to death. It already had been found in the other four Great Lakes and has been identified in 28 fish species in the Great Lakes watershed, where it has killed large numbers of walleye, muskellunge, smallmouth bass, whitefish, yellow perch and black crappies.” (Star Tribune)

The Comments reveal the complexity of this issue:

“The ships could have dumped cargo and picked up ballast water at the Atlantic Seaboard and then done the same thing in Duluth. The Atlantic coast strain is just a mutation of the European strain anyhow. We definitely need stricter laws regarding ballast water.”

“Regulating ballast water in great lakes ships is probably our best start to avoid future invasives”

“If the DNR were serious about controlling this virus they would work towards banning the use of livewells altogether. Fish destined for the table could be kept on ice in a cooler. As long as livewells are allowed there will be fishermen who will release fish from those livewells whether it’s legal or not. Also as long as livewells are allowed water will be transported from one lake to the next.”

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