Stillwater Fly Box: No Rhyme or Reason (Reorganize Now?)

You have been snow bound; or focused on Steelhead (for some of you that is your constant obsession); or otherwise involved. You have left that fly box from last October or your last visits to a lake setting aside while pursuing other endeavors. Use this time to prepare for your Spring opener by reorganizing your fly boxes, fly lines and leaders and organizing all that trout gear (this and that) so you won’t be out on the water and ask “Where did I put that damn (whatever you forgot)” My gear is currently focused on tippets no smaller than 10# test. I mention this because I have set voyage onto a lake and then discovered I had not considered leader and tippet materials smaller than 10# test.I have forgotten nippers, pliers, net, fins, waders (I know, I kn0w). I have forgotten just about everything. A primary reason was packing for others and myself. If you pack for someone else (kids, etc) then make sure you have two or more lists and teach the kids to assist and learn to pack for themselves over time).

A checklist is in order beyond rod, reel and reorganized fly boxes. Even spare spools of various fly lines can be forgotten, with only the last line you used on your reel taken along. Now you are stuck with that floating line you used in the Fall while trying to reach fish holding 20′ deep off the drop. Remember a checklist now, and in advance of a trip, not the night before, lay your hands on those items and put them in the gear bags you always take before a stillwater outing.

3 Responses to “Stillwater Fly Box: No Rhyme or Reason (Reorganize Now?)”

  1. 1 Fly to Fly
    February 15, 2010 at 18:13

    Very good advice! I have taken clients who think one or two flies is enough, and who have forgotten their rods! It is my habit to take more than needed as far as the incidentals. I once broke my reel and was so glad I had that extra one! Ok so I had three extra…!

    Nice looking flies too! I have 6-8 boxes when I venture out…think that is excessive? As far as the checklist goes, I used to send each client a list with their initial paperwork. Good points!


    • 2 SwittersB
      February 15, 2010 at 18:37

      I think 6-20 is about right :-)….It is hilarious to have so many fly boxes and find I don’t have one Spinner pattern or a Prince Nymph or….? I have a greater problem with stuff getting spread between Steelhead, Trout, etc. I need those core gear items together. I fish rivers with a belly or chest pack, then throw everything from that into the side pockets of the pontoon boat and then into my gear bag to go out on a drift boat. I don’t get to fish enough to stay organized, so all the more reason to have that checklist to lay my hands on all the basic tools in one place so I have taken to multiple everything in each specific species gearbag.



      • 3 Fly to Fly
        February 15, 2010 at 19:55

        Yes mutliples work well! I have several “packs” and rod cases ready. Always take way more than I use. And you are right, even with the kitchen sink variety patterns, I need what is not there! HA!


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