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Fly Tying: Dragon Fly Nymph

Dragon Fly Nymph ~ SwittersB

Dragon Fly Nymphs & Fly Fishing

This dragon fly nymph pattern is tied on a size 6 hook. The plastic eyes (pick your color) were tied in on top of the shank with figure 8 thread wraps. The abdomen of the fly is created by selecting olive green and rusty brown marabou plumes. Each plume is tied in by the tip. The plume is wrapped or palmered up the shank in tight turns. The colors are alternated. The abdomen was created with 3 olive and 3 brown plumes. Once the palmering is completed the abdomen is shaped with sharp scissors or a razor blade. Here I used scissors. The intent is to shape a football like body. It looked pretty good to the naked eye. My nemesis, the macro lens, shows a more ragged shaping. I think my palmering was not closely spaced enough.

Next, I tied a dark brown, hen hackle collar. A wingcase was created from 5-10 strands of Rootbeer Krystal Flash. The strands are tied in with the tag ends toward the rear extending back a quarter inch. The wingcase is positioned back, out of the way, and a thorax is dubbed with dark olive rabbit fur (with guard hairs) around the eyes up to the hook eye. The wingcase is then pulled over the top of the thorax and then tied down. Trim off the excess and create a thread head.

Another method, that I have experimented with, is inserting marabou into a dubbing loop and spinning a loose noodle of marabou (don’t do it too tightly). These dubbing noodles are tightly wrapped also. The body is again shaped. I have not experimented with it enough on smaller flies.

TroutNut Bug Info re the Dragon Fly


Ban Fish Porn (waves v. dimples?)

“In the new Gray’s Sporting Journal, writer, consumer advocate and fly fisher Niki Christopher says about fish porn: “I don’t like it, and I question the taste of people who do.” Her article “The Money Shot” is worth reading if you think (like I do) that it’s a phrase that should be swept into the corner with scented flies and throbbing sound scores and other ideas that were unoriginal even before they hit fly fishing.” Midcurrent

I tried to find the piece by Ms. Christopher to see what the slant was on Fish Porn…couldn’t access it within GSJ. Is this a whack at the photo ‘money shots’ of say CatchMagazine or what? Seeing as how ‘taste’ is involved, it might be interesting to see if we have to break out the tweed or put away the nymphs. Perhaps the media-imagery barrage has over surged the psyche of those with a more ethereal bent?  I will be curious to find out.


Pebble Mine: Pebble Pedalers Journey

Calling attention to the proposed Pebble Mine and engaging in a 17,000 mile journey by bike. The intent is to focus attention of the unaware to the possible dangers of such a development. They have a blog and are in Central America (they started in Prudoe Bay). Follow their journey at Pebble Pedalers . They have T’s for sale to help finance their journey and also promote awareness. Good luck to the Berling bros. and their support team.


Fly Tying: Brassie (Simple Midge Pupa; Wire Segmentation)

The Brassie has been around awhile and a great midge/chrionomid pattern. It will sink like a rock with the wire body, and if you use the bead head, even more so. Adjust the wire and bead size to the hook size. The wire body provides the segmentation. It is a similar style body to the Copper John nymph pattern. This midge pattern could be ties with out the bead. The peacock herl thorax fill in where the bead was with  more pronounced thread head. The bead head is tied off behind the bead, where as, with the non-beaded pattern the fly would be finished off at the eye….the more traditional end point.

WINTER MIDGE FISHING (Good info re of time of year Angler’s Tonic)

Good Midge Summary @ Georgia FF Blog


Danilo Lazzarini (Fly Tying Creativity From Improvisation)

Danilo Lazzarini has a unique method of fly tying that is intriguing. I did a little research to learn the technique was shared with Lazzarini by two gentlemen, Valter and Ennio De Santis,  from Rome. How those gentlemen learned or developed the technique, I am not sure. The extended body is not new and has been used for mayfly dun patterns and nymphs. But, I have not seen this method before.

Danilo Lazzarini Mosche

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