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Fly Fishing: Must Use Knot (Clinch-Loop Knot)

Of course, this knot can be used by any fly fisher throwing medium to large bodied flies, be it river, stillwater or salt. I have extensively used it for stillwater patterns. The knot allows for greater movement of the fly with the hinging effect. I have never had the slightest sense I missed hookups from the hits while using this knot. An easy knot to learn. I long ago copied and laminated the knot’s image and tucked it into my pontoon boat’s side pocket. I know it now, but several times on a lake I have pulled it out to show a tethered FFer as I offered advice on how to lose that 10# tippet for that size 12 fly…and use this knot. May I say, one of the most rewarding aspects of fly fishing, for me and perhaps you, is to assist someone less knowledgeable re rigging or fly selection or presentation. To share a few hot patterns and see them work is very satisfying.

Clinch Knot (Forms Loop) Alaska Fly Fishing Online

Moisten Line With Slobber Before Slowly Cinching or is it Clinching.


Fly Tying: Vintage Flies (Three Rivers Special)

Ever notice how much tiers push for innovations and a new look? We get bored, creative, lost and from that comes perfection and the same old.  Sometimes, maybe often, the old, old unadorned patterns work equally well, but seem boring? Pull out the old shoes from the back of the closet and give them yet another try. I know…you are itching to put a rib on that fly.

Three Rivers Special by Elwood "Woody' Combs


“The Three River’s Special (Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin)
was Woody’s best fly. I’ve been assured by guys who
remember the fly it was and still is a real killer–particularly deadly
for large brown trout in the deep holes just downstream of
Varney Bridge on the Madison.”

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