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Robot Fish & Pollution Detection

A robotic fish developed by scientists from Essex University is put through its paces in a special tank at the London Aquarium. It works via sensors and has…

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Fly tying: Caddis Pupae-Pharate (LaFontaine & Edwards)

Oliver Edwards' Caddis Pupa

I might do a teaser and say LaFontaine v. Edwards, but I figure that although Edwards may disagree on the prioritization of trigger points for pupa there is obvious respect.

Caddis contrasts and conundrums: Oliver Edwards

Deconstructing Gary: Bob Wyatt

These two articles are thought provoking re Caddis Pupa. From the type of hook (straight shank v. the popular curved pupa hook) to drooping dark wings and outrigger legs…there is a little here to experiment with: LaFontaine v. Edwards or LaFontaine & Edwards. Additional interesting ideas from Oliver Edwards re Caddis Pupae/Pharate


Fly Fishing: Ethics of Reciprocity

“I just started using that knot and like it. The part i wanted to comment on was helping out some lesser knowledged flyfisherman to enjoy the beautiful art of catching not just casting. The other day I was working on a good day in my favorite hole hooking fish. Often, a guy just down river was shaking his head. After a while I walked up and asked what he was using. I hooked him up with double rig setup: emerger and nymph. A few minutes later he had his first of three fish. Made my day and his too. Practicing random acts of kindness become contagious.” Brian Meade of LaPine, Oregon

Brian Meade stopped by SwittersB to comment upon a knot (cinch knot) he liked. But, he commented also about helping others less knowledgeable. Brian is right…one of the pleasures of this endeavor is sharing the knowledge. Feel your way and when the likely recipient is receptive, then share a bit and move on. Hopefully, they will pass on the kindness.


Fly Tying: Simplicity (North Country Spiders)

Old and simple, carved in stone effective..the North Country Spider. Northern UK, sparse and historical. Simple and functional. The pattern is too simple for some. I have mentioned this before, some flies are so simple that they immediately beg additions…stop! Don’t. Size 18 to big. Leave it alone.

Simple variety of thread colors. No tail, no ribbing, slender, only the tiniest of thorax if at all…a leggy two turns of hen or partridge or if small starling. A few spare parts twitching in the meniscus, life ending, life beginning, life undecided.

On stillwaters or glides or along the edges believe in that spindly silhouette.

Notice the body length does not have to occupy the length of the shank. Key point: reduce the thickness of the body. You will be tempted to adorn and flesh out the pattern. Have at it but save several dozen sparse spiders and give them a fair effort in a hatch. Mayfly, Chironomid or even Caddis, the North Country Spider is a great beginner pattern to tie and fish.Oh, the Anatomy pic is also a great resource at


Fly Tying: Atlantic Salmon Fly Design

I am not artistic. My son, Tony, has a decided talent in drawing and painting, but he didn’t get it from me. When I attended the NW Fly Tying Expo yesterday, I noticed the most tyers/tiers of Atlantic Salmon flies than I have ever seen assembled at a tying symposium. I appreciate the artist that creates upon canvas or paper. Dare I admit this, and no slight intended…honest…I cannot wrap my head around the required discipline of effort with the end result a fly on a plaque, on a wall. It is akin to painting a rose or peonies. If the fly is not fished (I know they were originally) my mind disconnects from the effort. This betrays my practical side and accounts for my ‘impressionistic’ tying and sloppy finish that no artistic tier could fathom as acceptable. That said, those tiers did have their attentive audience, so it resonates with some. When I taught fly tying, I once in awhile would have a beginning tier, always women, that wanted to learn to tie just to create. They did not fly fish; they had no intention of wetting their creations. They simply wanted to create for the satisfaction of art. So, for the artistically inclined, that might accidentally wander into an impressionistic slop fest: Shawn Davis Original Fly Design

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