In keeping with the Caddis pattern I tied yesterday, this is another one with a similar pattern. In this instance I incorporated different abdomen material (Fly Tying Specialties Micro Straggle) rather than the Ice Dub. For the collar, I used a dubbing brush comprised of dyed deer hair rather than the cut up deer hair I used previously. The hackle is dyed medium brown hen hackle. Thread was 8/0 black. The hook is a Skalka Barbless Czech nymph hook.

Micro Straggle & Skalka Hooks
Skalka Size 12 Barbless Hook, 8/0 Black Thread
Micro Straggle for Abdomen
Deer Hair Dubbing Brush (Fly Tying Specialties)
Close Up of Caddis pattern

This is a pattern is not weighted. I am experimenting with it, not as a pupa or diving caddis, but rather for in the film, particularly for stillwaters. These initial ties on a size 12 hook may be a bit too big (excepting Traveling Sedge) but I am interested to experiment with this emerger type pattern. I am wondering if the deer hair collar will maintain some buoyancy.The deer hair dubbing brush had better quality deer hair (less blunt tips) Also, the deer hair is spaced out along the dubbing brush, rather than bunched together, as I did when inserting the deer hair in the dubbing loop.