Boyle parks his Ford Probe in the Holy Water parking lot and heads to the water with his float tube, fins and waders. His mission is to fish for rainbows rising in the calm, deep water beneath the dam’s spillway. Boyle ties a size 14 blue-winged olive onto his 3-pound tippet and fins into the center of the pool. Instead of trout dimpling the surface, Boyle says he’s alarmed to see an enormous creature stirring just beneath the surface. “It’s this monster sturgeon swimming upside down,” Boyle says. “I could see his white belly and his big, vacuum mouth right on the surface, swimming the backstroke and sucking on blue-winged olives.”

“I got him.” Boyle says he slips his landing net over the sturgeon’s nose — “just to make it official that I netted a sturgeon in my float tube” — and measures it. It was 10 feet, 2 inches long. More than twice the maximum legal limit.  Mail Tribune

In keeping with another oddity for Sturgeon, this story from two years ago re Sturgeon at Bonneville Dam on Columbia R.