Riparian Studies

A comprehensive review of riparian and wetland basics as well as how landowners and government agencies work together to create incentives. There is enough in here for a landowner to initiate or maintain zones of protection for the body of water. The two column format is a bit tedious to read, but for a basic review of the most important elements of protecting the riparian habitat and how it functions, this is a good piece. If you are fortunate to own a piece of land along a water way I would know the local rules so you know your obligations.

I ‘own’ a wetland behind my house. In fact, I really don’t own it…yet, the local agencies tell me I am responsible for it and will receive penalties if I do anything harmful to the wetland. I have on two occasions found State and City inspectors walking on my property without prior notice, inspecting the wetland for whatever. Ah, the wetland. Sacred. Worthy of protection.

Minor point…the government  workers who drop by on their enviro mission are not so respectful in tone or demeanor or of privacy. So, do your thing to protect and preserve your waterway  without some damn bureaucrat suddenly appearing on your property.