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Ted Nugent Wisdom: A “Gut Pile” for the prim

Think what you want of Ted. But, read this a time or two and there is indeed a clarity, a simplicity to it.

Prim Avoidance? (

Ted Nugent (4/21/2010): “The way I live is not out of time. I go to Alaska and Africa. The way I live, self sufficiency, you are talking about being an asset to your neighbor. You have to start by being an asset to yourself, and if you can take hands on that sustenance, the food, clothing, shelter, medicine that you need from the good Mother Earth in a face to face eyewitness, first person system, then you know you are being accountable with those resources that we use….”

“You know, one of my favorite celebrations is the honesty of what sustains us. And you see an Anthony Bourdain or the bizarre food and you see these guys going through the process of the uncomfortable reality of preparing food for the masses. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, write this down: Your life has a gut pile. Know it, love it, admit it, and then you will be more responsible with fewer gut piles. But if you are not privy or honest enough to admit the system by which sustains you, then you can pretend and hire bureaucrats to waste everything in your name, USDA, FDA, OSHA, onward, insanity. So this individual lifestyle, I’m telling you..I”m not the weirdo. People who don’t understand gut piles are the weirdos.”


Fly Tying: Craft Store Ideas

Support you local fly shop, but don’t ignore yarn shops and craft stores for the occasional discovery of interesting fly tying materials. Walk about with an air of confidence and purpose. If you don’t, the female employees and customers with activate the pervert alert devices unless you are already comfortable with dry floral arranging and beading.

A few years ago, I made the discovery of a craft store boa. Strung marabou plumes in various shades at about $8.00+ per boa. Each boa is enough for several hundred flies.

There are also, assorted packages of lesser grade feathers that might serve some tying purpose.

I don’t do much in the way of attaching adhesive eyes on streamers and then overlaying epoxy or some clear goop. But, there was a section of adhesive eyes and similar attachments.

Craft stores and yarn shops always have one or more finds that are easily used in fly tying. Not so many that you will forsake fly shops or mail order, but enough to make you venture into the lands of artificial flowers and crochet hooks.


Fly Fishing: Stonefly Syndrome on the Deschutes River

The stone flies nymphs are readily available year around. Little Blacks, Browns, Skwala’s, Golden’s and the Giant Stone’s are scurrying about. Of course, come early Summer the focus is on the dry fly action as the Salmon Fly hatch and Golden Stones flutter forth.

Recently Tony Muncy, Eric McMillan and Greg Kohn drifted the Deschutes River for some early season trout fishing. They did well with a variety of Caddis Pupa patterns, Stonefly nymphs and egg patterns. They did a kick seine study and came up with some nice examples of a Golden Stone and Giant Stone nymph.Oh guys, one camera between you is not nearly enough.

Eric McMillan on the Deschutes R. (T. Muncy)

The guys put in at Beavertail and took a few days to explore down to Mack’s Canyon.

McMillan Heading Around the Bend (T. Muncy)

In the event that you follow a fish into deeper water, Eric employs a technique for removing water from your waders.

McMillan Draining the Waders (T. Muncy)

Deschutes R. Redside (Eric McMillan)

Freedom (T. Muncy)



Eco News: Catch A Whale? Plastic Bags, Sweat Pants or Golf Balls

“According to Cascadia Research Collective, 50 gallons of stomach contents were sorted through. Most of it was real food – algae and other bits common to a gray whale diet – but also included were more than 20 plastic bags, small towels, surgical gloves, sweat pants, plastic pieces, duct tape, and a golf ball.

If there were any doubt before, there is none now – the ocean has become a landfill. However, if there’s a bit of a silver lining, the trash made up just about 2% of the total contents, and it doesn’t seem to have been the cause of death. But what Cascadia Research points out, “It did clearly indicate that the whale had been attempting to feed in industrial waters and therefore exposed to debris and contaminants present on the bottom in these areas.”  Tree Hugger

Ok, maybe not he cause of death, but none the less interesting that the whale was vacuuming along in Puget Sound and gathering such diverse stuff. I imagine the guy hitting golf balls from his roof top condo had no idea his pilfered driving range ball would end up in a whale’s stomach.


Fly Tying: Low Riding Stonefly Dry (Jay Nicholas)

Nice looking Salmon Fly pattern (Stonefly Dry), low riding and tempting. Pattern is by Jay Nicholas...with some sort of  Salmon addiction and a lifetime of working to preserve Oregon fisheries. My goodness, it is late April. The Deschutes R. fever is right around the next calendar page. A heavy hackle and larger hook size away from one of my all time favorites from long ago…the Tied Down Caddis. It will come into its own again someday…not as a scud, but as a Caddis pupa.

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