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Fly Tying: Turkey Feather Fibers for Body Material

Turkey Feather (charile's fly box)

A suggestion: experiment with turkey feather fibers/barbs for a body material as a replacement for the pheasant tail fibers/barbs. The older Cate’s Turkey aptly demonstrated the material. You won’t find a suitable picture of a Cate’s Turkey online. The pattern’s body was wrapped turkey feather fibers/barbs with a partridge tail and beard (sometimes a simple, small peacock thorax). It was offered as a stillwater pattern many years ago. But, to the pattern at hand, I used two fibers/barbs cut from a turkey feather’s stem and wrapped a body on a size 14 hook. The look is equal to pheasant tail and equally or better suited for smaller hooks.

Turkey Feather Body on Wet Fly (SwittersB)


Fly Tying: Penelope’s Hope

Penelope's Hope (SwittersB)


Fly Tying: Green Copper John Nymph

Copper John (Green Wire) SwittersB

Size 14 nymph hook….Black 8/o thread….Gold bead….Brown goose biots tail….Wapsi small lime green wire abdomen….Montana Fly Company Scud Back for wingcase….Peacock herl thorax….Partridge feather for legs on sides of thorax.  A couple things to help in tying this pattern: Start the tie in point for the biots farther up the shank near the thorax to avoid the hump/bump at the traditional point near the bend; tie in the wire up the shank also, where you tied in the biot. In both instances, wrap the thread over the material down toward the bend and back up to the tie in point. For the wingcase, tie it in secure because when you pull it over the peacock and partridge thorax materials, you should put a little torque on it. Tie off secure with minimal thread wraps.

The wrapping the wire body and securing the wingcase are the two harder parts of the fly. The wire wraps ideally need to be side by side with minimal bumps underneath & the wingcase needs to be securely tied in at the back and then the front. Keep the wingcase dark colored rather than some mylar affair. Why not experiment on many colored wire bodies. Blue?

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