This product has been out for a year or so, but I came across a mention of it on a Catskill fly tying forum related to CDC wings. The tier suggested it was perfect for CDC wings. Now, it has/had always been the admonition don’t put any floatant on a CDC wing or you would ruin the floatability factor or the material. Tiemco’s Dry Magic (Super Power Fly Floatant) is touted to be appropriate for CDC, and of course any other dry.

One of the problems of predominantly fishing nymphs, wets, and the like, is you (I) don’t focus on dry’s that much. When I do, I tie one on and flail away for the duration of the hatch, air drying the fly and only rarely adding some Gink. Now, that is if I have some. Because my front waders pocket, the old cloth type, has a permanent large stain from a full container of Gink that exited the tube on a hot day. A review by Mid Current states the cap system on Dry Magic is better constructed to avoid saturating your waders, vest or pack pocket.