Glacier Glove Bootie

The majority of the time, you are putting into a lake near your rig and with reasonable footing. However, sometimes the footing is harsh with jagged rocks.

Wearing adequate soled booties provides protection for your wader’s neoprene bottoms (I couldn’t say bootie twice in one sentence). If you have got to take out of the lake to hike back toward your rig, then you may well need a good sole. I have used Glacier Glove booties for quite a few years along with lesser quality ones. By far, Glacier Glove provides the best quality that I have encountered.

Easy to get on with velcro side closures, the GG bootie is up to the challenge and goes well with the 3 different types of fins I have.

Similar type booties may exist in scuba shops or by other fly gear manufacturers. Take your waders to the shop, sit down and try on the bootie for the proper fit…not too tight. There, I don’t have to say bootie again. Not even shake your bootie.