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Fly Fishing: Hit & Run

A perfect day for rafters, nudists, perverts in the brush, joggers, bicyclists and caddis and mayflies. I worked a seam 30 yards long for trout. Nymphing hard, I worked bead head pupa’s, golden stonefly nymphs, all manner of nymphs. As I did, PMD’s and several sized Caddis emerged. No sign of activity on the surface. And, finally, smack, bang, twang, shake my hand and kiss me goodbye….there and gone! There are steelhead in the area (wishful thinking?).Whatever, it twanged my rod, tip to butt, and boy howdy it was gone. Standing alone in the drift…the perverts (oral naturalists), the rafters, the bicyclists, shreaking teens none the wiser, nor interested. My brain chemistry activated, I pursued and pursued, but not another bump or slash. Switched to the top, with the CDC flies (below). Darn they looked good….but not to be…today.


Fly Tying: CDC Wing, Dinking Around

Killing time in a motel room tying flies with a little of this and not much of that. Brought along a few materials, but forgot others. So, CDC dominates these flies that seem to be a combo of random intentions: caddis or mayfly or chironomid. Don’t know, but all on a size 16 hook with 14/0 thread.

Motel Mojo (SwittersB)

Odd lighting. Used available light and a desk top lamp to take shots. Gave them a sepia tint to include the hook. Flies actually more of a dun color.

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