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Fly Fishing: Small Stream Pocket Water


Finished work and chose between fishing close to home, working out or finishing the yard work I didn’t finish yesterday. I decided to fish, although I knew I was going to a small fish enviro.

There was no one around. PMD’s and Midges fluttered about, but sparingly. I was using a 3 weight, floating line and a small parachute Adams. The overhead canopy and shore side alders prohibited any form of cast, so I worked line down into pools.

Slashing little 4-6″ trout smacked the fly, often missing. The bubbling brook was soothing, even loud at places. I worked down from my walk in point about 50 yards and picked up one small fish after another. The forest was humid. Mosquitoes buzzed but I only got nailed once…back of hand.


So, I wandered up above the stream to an area that use to be a well established village, a logging operation up above on the stream and a diverse population living down below. Nice houses existed then, with gardens and Chinese gardeners housed nearby to tend to the properties.

Nothing much remains of the housing for the Chinese gardeners. They are buried nearby in unmarked graves. Walk up into the woods and one finds depressions everywhere, mostly over grown now, but signs of those digging for artifacts or more.

Pieces of glass and pottery are strewn about each depression. Pieces broken and tossed.

There used to be signs in Chinese. They’re gone now. Much of the ivy has been removed from ascending the firs. The area is being reclaimed. Some are happy to see that and the remnants of the old village disappearing back into the earth. I was fortunate a few years back to meet two men that had mass amounts of old photographs of the area.


I decided to check out a nearby pond, figuring there might be a little activity. There was no one around. No rises. Callibaetis and Chironomids were everywhere. Hmmm?

This little pond was once THE principal rearing pond for all coho salmon destined for the Great Lakes…that’s right. Right here…this little pond. Now it is a put and take fishery. Didn’t see much. Couple rises along the shoreline moving away, of course.

I did notice a monument, of sorts.

Monument to a Slob Bastard

A bit harsh? Shit, give me a frigging break. One damn mess after another around a plunking site. I have plunked Power Bait & pyramid sinkers and Spin-n-Glows. There was never a damn time I didn’t pack out an egg container, sand shrimp box, wash the borax and egg juice off the rocks and for damn sure carted out my empties. Wasted words, I know. Pig bastards.

All the fussing aside, it was a great afternoon. Drove back along beautiful scenery and unwound for a few hours.


Outdoors Safety (Falls & Rescue…Storm Whistles)

Have you ever taken a fall outdoors? A bad fall, where you lay there for a few seconds to collect yourself, and paid for it several days after? Trips, stumbles and falls will happen regardless of footwear, BUT do not venture outdoors with improper foot wear if your intent is to hike, wade or traverse irregular terrain. What is suitable for homes, malls, grass and sidewalks is not appropriate for the irregular outdoor surfaces. Injuries can set one back and ruin your pursuit of happiness. Eventually, the stumble or fall can result in a serious injury.

If I Could Put A Big Circle Around Them, With A Slash Across Them (SwittersB)

So, now you have fallen away from others. You are down, for real. Not getting up alone. Battered, torn, broken and shocky. A twinge of panic ensues. Rod broken. You’re bleeding. You’re broken. Alone. Not prepared on one end (the footwear), but prepared on the other (a survival whistle). A whistle is blown (3 sharp blasts, repeated twice) and within moments nearby help arrived. Aided too a safe place and medical help summoned. A good finish to a bad stumble…

Storm Whistle...Highly Recommended by SwittersB


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