Outdoors Safety (Falls & Rescue…Storm Whistles)

Have you ever taken a fall outdoors? A bad fall, where you lay there for a few seconds to collect yourself, and paid for it several days after? Trips, stumbles and falls will happen regardless of footwear, BUT do not venture outdoors with improper foot wear if your intent is to hike, wade or traverse irregular terrain. What is suitable for homes, malls, grass and sidewalks is not appropriate for the irregular outdoor surfaces. Injuries can set one back and ruin your pursuit of happiness. Eventually, the stumble or fall can result in a serious injury.

If I Could Put A Big Circle Around Them, With A Slash Across Them (SwittersB)

So, now you have fallen away from others. You are down, for real. Not getting up alone. Battered, torn, broken and shocky. A twinge of panic ensues. Rod broken. You’re bleeding. You’re broken. Alone. Not prepared on one end (the footwear), but prepared on the other (a survival whistle). A whistle is blown (3 sharp blasts, repeated twice) and within moments nearby help arrived. Aided too a safe place and medical help summoned. A good finish to a bad stumble…

Storm Whistle...Highly Recommended by SwittersB


4 Responses to “Outdoors Safety (Falls & Rescue…Storm Whistles)”

  1. 1 Ann
    July 19, 2010 at 18:52

    This is an important lesson. I had a very dear friend who ended up almost the same predicament. Although unprepared on both ends footwear and storm whistle~ people passing a few hours later were able to help. No fishing, no swimming, no fun to be had while recovering. Luckily good friends to help were around.


  2. 2 FishinWishin
    July 19, 2010 at 14:37

    My neighbor had a heart attack while fishing in the Clark Fork. The whistle saved his life. A kid from the area was out playing in a field and heard him. Funny part, the kid had just been told about the whistle from his next door neighbor, the guy with the heart attack!


  3. 4 SwittersB
    July 19, 2010 at 13:38

    That is for sure! A man would wear old tennis shoes or Teva’s or Crocs and fall and crack his ass. Well, not intending to pick on women but rather everyone should be better prepared footwear wise and response wise to an accident.


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