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Tattoo Memorium for Jason Ell (Brother Remembered)

A common theme: young men bond in an endeavor that challenges courage, integrity, team work while forming a deep commitment to the endeavor and particularly each other. This happens with a variety of pursuits be it the military and tactical units, sports, or in this instance fire fighters.

A group of young men, several years ago, came together to train and learn the rigors of fighting fires. As a result they became close as they shared each others strengths and weaknesses. It was an environment with no place to hide. Young men, and a few women, became so close that the word ‘family’ was not uncommon or inappropriate. ‘Brother’, the oft repeated word, carries deep meaning of acceptance, trust and a willingness to sacrifice for the other.

My son, Tony, training, working and playing amongst this group became and is very close to these fine young men and women. One amongst them, Jason Ell, was lost, on March 8, 2009. Lost to an unexpected tragedy. One of them, one of the core group that held the minds and hearts of the others. an exceptionally caring and fine young man….lost.

The love and caring for Jason did not go away. He has been honored by ink amongst his peers, each in their own way. Tony was particularly close to Jason. The loss was and is etched, but he has decided to celebrate Jason with a tattoo.

The concept of a tattoo evolved into drawings and consultations. Tony is an exceptional artist in his right, so the drawings were shared with friends and family. The concepts of brotherhood, life and loss were evident.

Preliminary Ideas for tattoo by Tony Muncy

Tony already had a tattoo that had been created by Portland’s Jerry Ware of Atlas Tattoo. He had no doubt where he was headed with his new vision. Tony sketched out additional ideas and headed to Jerry Ware.

Jason Ell tattoo sketch by Tony Muncy

Below is the results after the second sitting. The black work had already taken place and the vision was coming together.

Tattoo and Tony Muncy

Today, another session (below) and closer yet to the vision of brotherhood, the scaring of a loss and that life does go on while carrying the brother’s memory with dignity and pride.

Note: this post was amended 5/10/11 to respect the sentiments and concerns of Jason’s family. All previous remarks re Jason’s death should be disregarded as unnecessary to the intent of this post….a friend paying respect to his dear friend. As with any loss like this, grieving is a long time process and I apologize for in any way causing additional heart aches.

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