“Russian holidaymakers were left shocked after a donkey was forced to parasail off a beach as part of a sick advertising stunt. The animal, braying in terror, soared above the southern village of Golubitskaya while crying children below echoed its screams.” Daily Mail UK (Perhaps the spoiled, pretentious, whackadoodle PETA crowd could put their clothes back on long enough to protest some actual animal cruelty)



“Suddenly I heard my partner shout and when I looked around, I saw the huge thing breaching on to the deck.” NYPost

I can recall heading back into Sitka Sound and an enormous whale came toward us at least a half mile away, breaching a good half dozen times and then passed beneath our 24′ boat. The large creature churned an aqua blue-green, glowing shroud around its’ enormous length as it passed beneath us….we all stood steady and held our collective breath. Most impressive!