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Fly Tying: CDC & Thread (And, a Touch More)

Been tying more with CDC of late and fishing it more. I love the low in the film quality this material imparts to flies. I was experimenting with a simple pattern. Nothing unique…but it is effective. Call it what you will…emerger…dun…(I was going to say hairwing dun, but the wing is not elk or deer hair). At any rate, this pattern has been working in the midst of caddis and mayflies and I am going to continue to experiment with it. I tied one with a dubbed thorax and one without. You can see by the cant of the wing how that influences the wing angle. The wings are a touch long. They probably don’t need to extend back past the bend of the hook. Notice on the second pattern that I rolled the Antron tail off the top. This was not visible to the eye…the lens detects such slips. The bottom of the hackle could be clipped short to float the fly even lower in the film. I wanted to build up a thread abdomen with the 8/0 thread. That was ok, but once I tied in the CDC, I maybe should have used 14/0 thread to tie in the hackle and finish off the thread head.  Not too inspiring, but that is the point…experimenting. Fine tuning. Trying something different. Part of the fun. Just sharing the less than perfect. All fishable, but not pretty.

CDC Emergers (SwittersB)

The hook is a size 18, down eye (I photographed a pack of straight eye, I didn’t know I even purchased); 8/0 olive thread for the abdomen and overall tie, dark green Antron for tail; BWO dubbing for thorax; CDC for wing and medium dun hackle.

Materials for CDC Emerger (SwittersB)

CDC Emerger (SwittersB)



Odd CDC Wing (SwittersB)



Biting Midges? (Blood Sucking Looking for a Host?)

Interesting post re turtles and female ‘midges’ that require blood supplying host for reproduction.

“Female midges need blood for protein to produce eggs; males eat flower nectar. To our knowledge, we do not have any biting midges at Hilton Pond that attack humans (or mammals in general?), so the insects on the turtles may be a large midge species that specifically needs reptiles as blood hosts.”  Yellowbelly Slider Turtles and Midges

Yellow Belly Slider (

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