Fly Fishing: A Couple Hours to Kill

A couple hours to explore. A co-worker told me of a nice stretch on the McKenzie R. to explore. Business trips afford little time to play. What little time there is seems wasted driving hither and yon to find a new place, so you settle on the tried and true spots. Last night, I decided to explore. I headed toward the McKenzie R. and found a the nice spot.

As I put on the gear and rigged the rod, those pesky mosquitos appeared. I had sprayed on some DEET, but  they didn’t mind and found sweet spots of opportunity. I walked quickly toward the river. Once there the water looked swifter than I had at first thought. I decided to walk up stream through the woods to find a safer stretch. Big mistake. The trail petered out onto a bluff and there were even more mosquitos in the woods…very aggressive and not the least bit put off by wimpy DEET %’s. If you are going to use it, go for the gusto (90%).

Eventually, I found access and waded out beyond a back channel and to the other side of an island. Beautiful water of rapids, riffles, seams, and an eddy. Easy wading. A few willing trout; a few large, unwilling trout porpoised for something beneath the surface. There were a midges aflutter above the quieter back water near the island. I could not tell if they were coming off or had already come off earlier. A very few Caddis (small/black, medium/brown, medium+/tan) elevated up from the riffles. No mayflies. No stoneflies. Pretty sparse. I nymphed, swung a small wet, used a dropper, fished the surface and in the film. I fished well. I caught a few and had several splat attacks. But, I didn’t draw the big trout I had seen porpoise a rod length away, directly in front of me. It was a perfect evening in most respects. Location, presentation were clicking along. Wrong fly selection? Maybe. Or, just the cosmic alignment of the boulders?

Plus, I  have learned to deal with rejection. There is a certain karmatic (I made that word up and you can use it) harmony to it all. The McKenzie River is a very beautiful river. On the way out to the rig and the mosquitos, a man asked if I connected with any steelhead. Hmm, next time. Now, where did I put that Scandi head?

Oh the above pic of me…just screwing around with some photo processing dealy (‘special effects’)….freaky hey?

2 Responses to “Fly Fishing: A Couple Hours to Kill”

  1. 1 SwittersB
    August 8, 2010 at 07:53

    Found this recipe for a Lavender based bug repellent….interesting

    “1. Clean out a small tin with a lid.
    2. Take a clean piece of cloth or a small piece of dish sponge able to fit into container. Saturate it with one of the following oils :
    * Lavender oil – lavender is considered to be particularly effective against flies
    * Citronelia oil (dilute with water first)
    * Eucalyptus oil (dilute with water first)
    * Pennyroyal oil (dilute with water first, likely more effective against mosquitoes but also considered to work against horse-flies)
    * Lemongrass oil (dilute with water first)
    3. Place the cloth in the tin and shut the lid. Allow to sit for 24 hours
    4. Use. Whatever u need to use the tin, remove the lid and place on the entertaining table. Make as many as you wish to put around the entertaining area to deter flies.
    5. Replenish the oil after each. Once open to the air, the strength weakens and needs to be topped up.”


  2. 2 SwittersB
    August 7, 2010 at 17:41

    Thanks David,

    “…lavender essential oil include its ability to treat leucorrhoea. It is also effective against insect bites. The oil is also used to repel mosquitoes and moths. You will find many mosquito repellents containing lavender oil as one of the ingredients.”

    Yes, a park under construction/renovation/upgrade?, at the Clearwater Park & Landing (42nd. & Clearwater Lane) above the boat ramp and on the outside of the island. Nice water.



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