The feather overlay or backstrap and tail of mallard, teal or gadwall can be tied in two ways: at the bend first or at the eye. At the bend requires a little finesse to keep the feather out of the way as you wrap up the body of whatever material you choose (here I used rainbow Krystal flash) and then grizzly hackle….then you pull the feather barbs up over it all and tie off at the eye. If you tied in at the eye first, you would wrap the hackle, then form the body finishing at the rear. You have to take extra measure here to measure the length of feather barbs so the tail is the length of the shank. The feather would be pulled back over the body to the rear and tied off. A whip finisher would be ideal here to secure the thread. This pattern is nice in the film as an emerger (mayfly or chironomid) depending upon size/color choices. The hook is a nymph hook here…a bit stout. For an emerger, a lighter wire hook would be better.