Hobo Spider in NW U.S. (Dangerous or Not?)

As I walked down a garden path I had not visited for the past week, I was mindful that I moved through a half a dozen spider webs. I joked that I was clearing the way for those that followed…very funny until my daughter shrieked that there was a ‘big ass spider’ on my back. ‘Well get it’ I yelled as the freak sensation traversed up my spine in a nano-second. As I looked about the yard, I saw many webs with rather large inhabitants. Mindful that some of my visitors get rather pissy and pinched if I misidentify a spider, I thought I will again provide a pathway of knowledge re these busy critters and let those that wish to, sort it out. For the pissy and pinched…well never mind. Are Hobo’s dangerous or not?

3 Responses to “Hobo Spider in NW U.S. (Dangerous or Not?)”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    March 5, 2019 at 22:58

    I got bit on my upper arm by an unidentified spider/bug/critter. A few days later a dime size wound had formed, and in another week it was healed – leaving only a small, spiral-esque scar…incredibly minor pain/discomfort, the wound was unsightly but not fetid, or difficult to dress and cover. A dermatologist (and spider/insect bite enthusiast) that looked at it said it might have been a Hobo Spider. With just a little research I found a few people with similar stories – if that’s the worst they can do: you’re totally fine.

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  2. 2 Mara
    September 4, 2010 at 08:23

    I’m not familiar with hobo spiders, but have experience with other large spiders, known locally as banana spiders (plentiful around Ft. Myers) and wood spiders, which are as large as a human hand and about the same color. The former, which are covered with yellow and black hair, can be seen running along power and phone lines, while the latter don’t walk – they jump! Wood spider egg sacs are large pink pods that resemble zucchini, and are adhered to surfaces such as a car wheel well with an extremely sticky substance. Supposedly neither species is poisonous, although their bites are still unpleasant. It’s surprising that such large spiders are found in the northwest!


    • 3 SwittersB
      September 4, 2010 at 08:27

      Yes, but of course, nothing up here seems to compare to the natural and human wonders of Florida! 🙂 Humidity? Barometric fluctuations? Even California doesn’t hold a candle to the frequent wonders emanating from your lovely state. Of course, I say all this cuz I know you and my son, Tony, has bud named Chris in St. Pete’s area. We hear bizarre nature stories quite often. Hope all is well.



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