Just another session of not so random experimentation for a larger Caddis pupa pattern. The hook in all the patterns (save one) is a Daiichi 1130 Pupa Hook, Size 10. 8/0 brown thread and the same gold bead. Beyond that I experimented with different abdomens of dubbing’s and dyed peacock herl and a mix of thoraxes using  dubbing or a deer hair collar. All of these patterns would work just dandy. Often, as I tie, I must lapse into ADD because I keep experimenting with “I wonder if’s”…changing the pattern here and there. Not a good habit if you have been asked to tie a dozen flies, all identical for a display, silent auction or gift. But, I enjoy tying this way. It drives the more systematic/anal types around me bonkers.

A Hackle Wound at Thorax on this one. SB

In four of the five patterns, I used a dubbing blend that I had purchased at The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene, Oregon. There is no name on the small ziplock bag to ID the dubbing blend’s name. I grabbed it because it looked interesting…and hell yeah, it is very enticing. For the beginning fly tier, the bead head pupa pattern on a curved shank or straight shank hook is a good beginner’s pattern and a great producer for hookups. The same basic tying techniques and materials for a Wet fly are adaptable to the pupa patterns. Take away from this post: experiment, let yourself go off script (or pattern/recipe).